form is void void is color

Santa Luce ° London ° Moscow ° Milano
form is void void is color is an artist's book - edition of 33 copies - that juxtaposes photographic images with a narrative about transformation, form and landscape. The labyrinthine structure of the book - defined by elaborate paper engineering - reflects the imaginary content where the observer metaphysically follows a phantasmagorical journey. The 3 heroines - Uma, Dolma and Aiko - move across narrative spaces through constant coloured metamorphosis. The elements (water, fire, air, earth and space) acquire new identities thanks to the characters’ change of perspective. The story is marked by twists and stasis, sudden actions and reflections on landscape. In terms of typesetting, the stylistic mark emphasizes the relationship between form and void through black blocks of bilingual text which are defined within the white of pages. Simultaneously, the artists have re-elaborated the images as an installation of a gigantic book printed and embroidered on textile. 

form is void void is color

Edited by Gayarama and Joel Valagrega
Performed by Aiko Cech,
Dolma Maria Angelina Mantovan,
Uma Carmen Giurleo Oppedisano
Photography 35 mm: Gayarama
Typesetting: Giulia Pastore

Forma / Luce ° & Spazio
The workshop held at V-A-C Zattere by Gayarama studio and curated by Joel Valabrega and Giulia Morucchio, investigates the interaction between form, colour, light and landscape photography with the aim of producing artist books. Through the on-site production of undeveloped photographs where participants work and interact with the three elements of form, light and photography, the workshop aims to create visual material which sees the participants as creators, protagonists and authors. The workshop developed a learning activity strongly connected to experience, participatory processes and visual storytelling.