Gayarama is an independent creative project dedicated to produce limited edition imaginaries, founded by Chiara Dolma Andreuzza and Gaya Andreuzza.
Believing in the collaboration as a form of art, Gayarama is characterized by the use of different kinds of formats and all technical and artistic solutions able to give the utmost importance to the image in itself. Working as a kind of family always different but close as a tribe, Gayarama has developed from 2012 projects and ideas for artists, photographers, stylists, designers and simple amateurs in the field of imagination
By combining artistic practices we play all together to draw alternative paths.
We are proud to annouce that we are able to give you with love and fantasy:

 Bespoke embroidery

 Art direction 

Creative workshop

 Photographic journeys

 Product  design

Editorial project


Thanks to Viviane Mosso for the endless graphical support
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